[jdom-announce] JDOM 1.0 Beta7 released [eg]

Jason Hunter jhunter at jdom.org
Sat Jul 7 01:01:28 PDT 2001

Hello all,

I just posted the JDOM 1.0 beta7 final release to the web site.  The
list of improvements over beta6 is substantial!  We now have:

* Support for XSLT
* A correctly implemented entity model
* A vastly more robust SAXBuilder (with a public SAXHandler, 
  pluggable factories, and createXXX() methods to simplify subclassing)
* More reliable building and outputting
* A convenient detach() method for all tree objects
* The much-desired setName() and setNamespace() methods on Element
* Machine-readable version information in META-INF
* Several significant performance improvements
* Many bugs fixed

We also have new searchable mailing list archives to make it easier to
find the information you need:


The full list of changes between betas can be found in the CHANGES.txt
file within the distribution.  The remaining to do items are in the
TODO.txt file.




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