[jdom-interest] Escape entities

tsasala at hifusion.com tsasala at hifusion.com
Thu Jul 6 10:09:38 PDT 2000

	After many hours of searching on the net, and even more
hours of pouring through specifications, I'm bringing this question
to you all for some insight.  We're having problems editing XML docs.
Primarily, once we save out an XML doc using the XMLOutputter, we're
having trouble reading it back in.  Some of the HTML in the document
is being mangled.  In particular, the non-breaking spaces and some of
the other entities are being "removed".  In the raw, unprocessed XML
we have a series of  , which is a non-breaking space in HTML.
However, they are being written out as &160;.  Subsequently, when
the XML file is read back in, the parser chokes and throws an 

	Now, I'm not sure where the problem is.  Our code, our
misuse of XML, our lack of a DTD, the JDOM code, the parser, or
some combination of all of these.  I'm curious to know if anyone
here has some insight to the problem.  We've tried declaring 
nbsp as an entity in the document, but it appears it is still
being "replaced" with an unescaped version.  We're dealing with
so much code (some ours, some not), I don't even know where to 
begin.  Any advice or pointers?  Thanks.


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