[jdom-interest] Parsing DTDs With JDOM?

Jon Baer jonbaer at digitalanywhere.com
Sun Jul 16 12:19:07 PDT 2000

Im in the middle of something and trying to figure out how exactly to
parse a DTD or to find a lib that can do it.  Basically what I want to
do is grab all the elements from the DTD and their related attributes,
Im trying to think if this is going to be a tideous process if I have to
do it myself or if someone on the list has experience with doing such a

I want to be able to run the parser on a DTD and write out a map file
for an IDE im using as such:

<attribute required="false">Bar1</attribute>

Anyone have thoughts on how to accomplish this?  Can it be done with
JDOM directly?


- Jon

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