[jdom-interest] Build errors:

Kevin Broderick KBroderick at emg.ie
Tue Jul 25 08:08:14 PDT 2000

When I execute the batch file "build.bat" after I set the JAVA_HOME
I get this error:

----------- Java Document Object Model (JDOM) 1.0beta4 [2000] ------------
Executing Target: prepare
Created dir: D:\java\jdom\jdom\build
Executing Target: prepare-src
Created dir: D:\java\jdom\jdom\build\src
Created dir: D:\java\jdom\jdom\build\classes
Copying 31 files to D:\java\jdom\jdom\build\src
Executing Target: compile
Compiling 31 source files to D:\java\jdom\jdom\build\classes
D:\java\jdom\jdom\build\src\org\jdom\input\DOMBuilder.java:316: Method
getPublicId() not found in interface org.w3c.dom.DocumentType.
                String publicID = domDocType.getPublicId();
D:\java\jdom\jdom\build\src\org\jdom\input\DOMBuilder.java:317: Method
getSystemId() not found in interface org.w3c.dom.DocumentType.
                String systemID = domDocType.getSystemId();

What do I need to do to get this to compile.Someone on the list a few days
ago suggested commenting out some code, that helped the compile
but the samples don't compile then, so I ask again, please save my sanity,
any ideas about how to get this to compile and improve my flagging
Many thanks,

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