[jdom-interest] Document.addNameSpaceMapping

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Wed Jul 26 01:08:07 PDT 2000

"Rogers, Kevin" wrote:
> I am using Beta 4.
> "Document.addNameSpaceMapping" is listed in the Beta 3 API documentation but
> does not seem to be in the library. Ie I get a compile error.
> addNameSpaceMapping is not present in the java source file for the Document
> class.

Things change in pre release software.  Methods in beta3 may not be
there in beta4.  Hopefully this doesn't come as a surprise.  We now have
a much better handling of namespaces than what we had in beta3.  I'm way
too tired to explain it tonight.  The Javadocs should suffice.  There's
also email archives a plenty on this issue back in May.


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