[jdom-interest] problems building from CVS (OSX)

Steven Shand steven at intrallect.com
Fri Jun 7 14:13:05 PDT 2002

Hi all, this is the sort of problem I really hate asking!! Here goes.

I'm trying to build from CVS using the included build script using OSX. 
Had no trouble doing this on my linux machine in the office but am 
running into problems using my mac.

I've amended the shell script so that it will run in my shell ( tcsh ) 
but the classpath settings fail due to looking for jars in JAVA_HOME/lib 
that don't exist ( dev.jar )

I'm nowhere near my office so I can't just grab the jar from there. Does 
anyone have any suggestions or could anybody supply a link to somewhere 
I could grab a copy of the jar.

I'm using the source out of CVS as I'm making use of the XPath stuff 
that's now included. I think I'm correct in saying this is not included 
in the JDom beta8 release?

Thanks for any help.

Steven Shand.

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