SV: [jdom-interest] jdom and dom4j

Christian Holmqvist, IT, Posten christian.holmqvist at
Wed Jun 19 00:31:56 PDT 2002


> Don't assume that your use of XML and Java is the same as 
> others' use of XML
> and Java, or that the features you want to add to the API are 
> the same as
> the features that other people want to add to the API. We've 
> been using JDOM
> for quite a while are are quite happy with it.

I don't assume any thing like that. And I'm not talking about trying to
implement the extra features into the API either, I'm talking about making
the API in such a way that it is easy to create complex features without
having to implement the world.
> > >    a) it was easy to learn
> > And does this realy mather after two years of usage?
> It does when someone new joins the team, or you have to work 
> with another team that now has to understand the code, etc.

I don't know how it is at your company but where I work the effecency of the
tools doing the work pays back a slightyly longer learning curve almost


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