[jdom-interest] jdom and dom4j

Jon Baer jonbaer at digitalanywhere.com
Tue Jun 18 21:10:14 PDT 2002

Not really ...

I too have respects for all work and programmers on Java/XML but what 
irks me alot (happens on other lists as well) is that you have all the 
initial designers subscribed to *all* the lists and when someone asks a 
completely legitimate question in terms of how to accomplish something 
with Program A, the Program B author pops right on stating that "Well 
you can do it with Program B so easy", so Id like to tend to think that 
some people are only subscribed for these little marketing plugs rather 
than trying to help the program @ hand.  

If the codebase is entirely different and it has become two real 
different products then why hang around to throw darts @ something u 
don't like working with?  I feel open source has become this big 
religion-converting like arena for no reason ... it's happened to my 
work as well ... and tends to lead to massive confusion eventually ...

- Jon

Andres March wrote:

>Sorry, if you think the language is inflammatory.  It was meant to be.  I have much respect for both groups (JDOM and dom4J) work that has allowed developes like myself to profit (metaphorically, of course).  But this was not a debate of design or implementation pros and cons.  And with the exception of Alex's comments, it was a whiny "my code is better than yours" thread.
>- Andres
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>>Can you guys quit the f*cking pissing contest?  Get over 
>>yourselves.  The time would be better spent improving the code.
>Hmm, I thought I was being pretty level-headed. If I wasn't, do you really think your comments like that would help?
>Any group collaboration is going to have conflict, especially when it's conducted over e-mail and not in person. An occasional "hey, let's get back on track here" could be helpful, but not this crap.
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