[jdom-interest] encoding problems when using get text

Steven Shand steven at intrallect.com
Wed Jun 19 13:47:06 PDT 2002

On Wednesday, June 19, 2002, at 09:13 PM, Jason Hunter wrote:

> If you want it encoded on output, you tweak the outputter to do that.

Yes I see how you would do this if using the outputter. However I'm 
working with an in-memory object and all I want is the return from the 
getText() method. My text has been stored as an xml entity but it comes 
back to me as  a translated value.

I think I'd just like to know why. Is my entity being translated when 
the JDom document is being built or is it java that's translating it on 
the way back out when I call getText()?

I can see how the behavior I am experiencing would be VERY useful. Just 
not for me at this time :-)

I'm sorry but I can't really get my head round this.

Steven Shand

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