[jdom-interest] WBXML encoder/decoder

Ken Rune Helland kenh at csc.no
Fri Jun 21 00:53:31 PDT 2002

> Do i create a SAX parser and then do
> something like "new
> SAXBuilder(com.foo.bar.WbxmlParser)"?  Or am I
> responsible for creating the actual builder?  And, on
> the other end, when i have a JDOM Document, and i want
> to output it as WBXML bytes, do I create an outputter
> by extending XMLOutputter?
> See?  I'm pretty clueless on where to start.  Thanks
> heaps for your patience and help!
> garthabrindoid

I have not involved myself much with the builders and outputters,
but i think the easyest option for building JDOM from WBXML is
to make your own builder from scracth using the metod signatures of
SaxBuilder and DomBuilder as a guideline for the signature of your builder 

For outputting you can make your own outputter from scracth or exstend
an exsisting one, your call. 

On the other hand if you make a WBXML -> sax-events and sax-events -> WBXML
adapters you can use the saxbuilder and saxoutputter for JDOM and you can 
reuse the adapters togheter with any destination and source that consumes
and produces sax-events, for example XSLT prossesors.


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