[jdom-interest] Upgrading from jdom-b5 to jdom-b9 - perplexing calls toElement.setData()

Alex Rosen arosen at novell.com
Tue Aug 12 06:37:49 PDT 2003

It looks like dom4j has an Element.setData() - try www.dom4j.org.


>>> Nancy Lehrer <nancy.lehrer at verizon.net> 8/12/2003 1:21:04 AM >>>

I am upgrading a system I inherited from jdom-b5 to jdom-b9. In several
places there are calls to a setData() method on the Element class.

Element someEl = some initialization

I have downloaded jdom-b5 and cannot find documentation for any
setData() method on element anywhere in either the apidocs or in the
It appears from the code, that the calls are sending in almost any kind
of data (many times base classes that are unique to our system).

Later, I'll see calls like:

SomeClass someData;
someData = (SomeClass)someEl.getData();

So it appears that it is a way to store raw / binary data into an XML
element and then retrieve it back.

The open questions are.. 
What does Element.setData() do?
What is the equivalent functionality in jdom-b9?
(and just for the curious), why can't I find this anywhere in the
jdom-b5 documentation?

Thanks for your help,

Nancy Lehrer
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