[jdom-interest] Related to JDOM - Jaxen performance and selectSingleNode api

Venkataramanan Amirthalingam venkatamir at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 21 02:17:48 PDT 2004

Hi All,

I am using Jaxen as the xpath engine and facing
few performance problems.

I use selectSingleNode api to get the
and it looks like its time-consuming.

Basically i have JDOM data that takes nearly 20MB of
and there is a method which invoke the
selectSingleNode api
2500 times. The inference here is, assuming 10 seconds
has been
taken for executing the entire method,around 8 seconds
is spent for
invoking the selectSingleNode api 2500 times.

Could you please help us to resolve this performance

Another inference is, if i use threads just to
simulate multiusers,
it doesn't scale up. i.e If there are 2 threads
(simulating 2 users),
for each user, 16 seconds is consumed for invoking
selectsinglenode api
2500 times, and if it is 3 threads, it takes 32
seconds for each user.

Any suggestions, we welcome it.

This is a very critical issue in our project, so
please respond at the earliest
to venkatamir at yahoo.com


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