[jdom-interest] java.lang.VerifyError in b10 with WebSphere

Neil Canham neil at knowsense.co.uk
Thu Apr 22 11:08:53 PDT 2004

  I have been using JDOM b8 abd b9 with WebSphere v5.1 and WebSphere Studio
v5.1 for a while. I have migrated to b10 and now get the following error:

java.lang.VerifyError: (class: com/knowsense/student/xml/JDOMDemo, method:
addItem signature:
) Incompatible argument to method

I'm guessing that b10 was built against a different version of Xerces to the
one on my app server classpath, or some such problem?  Anyone shed any

Neil Canham
KnowSense Limited

Java and WebSphere Education Services
...sense from Know Sense

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