[jdom-interest] Signing a JDOM Document

Alistair Young alistair at smo.uhi.ac.uk
Wed Dec 1 06:17:44 PST 2004

Interesting follow on from my xmlns="" "problem". It's easily solved in 
JDOM by creating Elements with a namespace but the following is a 
problem now:
1) Convert JDOM -> org.w3c.dom.Document
2) Sign w3c Document
3) Convert org.w3c.dom.Document -> JDOM

3) causes the problem to reappear as <ds:Signature> is affected by 
presumably the Content cloning and adding? The end result is all 
"namespace scoped" elements, i.e. that are associated with a default 
namespace in their parent element, have xmlns="" added. Including the 
<ds:Signature> !

Am I doing something wrong?


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