[jdom-interest] Job opening at O'Reilly

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Wed Dec 1 12:03:12 PST 2004


As part of my day job at Mark Logic I've been helping O'Reilly on an 
interesting Java, XML, and XQuery related software project.  O'Reilly's 
looking to hire a senior Java person to help with the project, and they 
don't want to just settle for someone, they want someone cool.  I figure 
what better place to find a cool, talented Java and XML person than on 
this list.  Besides, they give a programming test during the interview 
and if you know JDOM you're halfway home.  :)

Now, they're looking for a permanent hire, not a contractor.  And 
they're looking for someone to work on site as part of the team, not 
remote.  They're based in Sebastopol, CA, an hour north of San Francisco.

If you're local to the area or willing to relocate, I can promise the 
work is fun, the team is great, and you have quick access to a library 
of basically every O'Reilly book ever!  :)

Here's the formal job listing:

If you know Perl that's great, or just have a willingness to learn it, 
since Perl is the grease of O'Reilly.

Interested?  Send me an email.  Bonus points for people whose patches 
have made it into JDOM.  :)


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