[jdom-interest] setIgnoringElementContentWhitespace inoperant ?

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Thu Dec 9 11:05:53 PST 2004

Ken Roberts wrote:

> I thought that was why this would be an option rather than default 
> behavior?  If you might be reading such a thing then this property would 
> not be set, but if you have no such constraints and want dense output it 
> would be a desirable feature.

No. The purpose of this is to eliminate boundary white space that is 
inserted for purposes of indentation. It is not to change existing white 
space in the text content of a document. That is a separate and 
logically distinct operation. The appearance of insignificant boundary 
white space is normally a document wide characteristic. the significance 
of white space in text is normally determinable only on an element by 
element basis. For instance in XHTML, it's not very important within a p 
element, but it is important within a pre element.

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