[jdom-interest] Mechanics of JDOM

Anand, Rajesh Rajesh_Anand at ml.com
Mon Dec 20 05:33:30 PST 2004


	Not clear from jdom.org website as to how does the JDOM
validation works.

	On the website, it talks about how to set parameters when
validating an instance of XML against a schema.

	I am curious to learn the internal mechanism of how validation

	These are some of the questions that puzzles me.

	1.	When you specify namespace location, does JDOM actually
obtains the schema from this location and if yes then where does it
saves a copy when
		validating the actual schema?

	2.	What if your system has no access to the website
specified, does JDOM returns errors relating to this?

	I can list 20 other questions, but it would be helpful if you
either direct me to a resource which can fulfil my curiosity or if you
know how this works then maybe
	briefly explain this for me.

	Thanks in advance. 

Rajesh Anand
Email:Rajesh_anand at ml.com 
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