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Kielen, Agnes Agnes.Kielen at atosorigin.com
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Actually Xalan creares a DTM, a document tree optimized for XSLT-processing.


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Robin Rosenberg writes:

> Does the XSLT/XPath part of JDOM copy the DOM treee before processing or does
>  it operate on the JDOM tree directly? 
> The background is that I have a JDOM tree with speciallized nodes so I can op
> erate on very large documents. It is a gawdamn 
> ugly hack in its current form. However I want to do some transformations on t
> he tree and XSLT could be one of the options instead 
> of handcoding the transformations in Java as I've done so far.

JDOM runs the tree through SAXOutputter.  Xalan may or may not build a DOM
tree out of the SAX events, but I'm not sure.

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