[jdom-interest] Last call: getChild/getChildren versus getChildElement/getChildElements

Edward Barrow edward at copyweb.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 00:26:26 PST 2004

OK, I'm beginning to understand the proposed changes for b10... I haven't 
looked at the CVS because I've got code to write; I'm just responding to the 
comments on the list that I understand.

Deprecating getChild/getChildren is going to break a lot of my code, and  I 
guess a lot of other people's code, so yes, Jason will get yelled at and I'd 
be much happier if you didn't make any changes that break my code.

But if it makes sense for the longer-term future of the API, better to do it 
now than later. I guess a better API in the long term is worth rather more 
than a beer - even a foaming litre in a Munich bierkeller. You guys are the 
gurus, so it's your call.

A drop-in replacement (changing a method name), so that getChildElement does 
exactly the same thing, is just about manageable with search and replace - 
it's a lot easier to fix than a change to its behaviour, such as changing the 
return type.    

Edward Barrow

edward at copyweb.co.uk

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