[jdom-interest] Child-Parent patch - Ideas.

Rolf Lear rlear at algorithmics.com
Fri Feb 6 08:36:51 PST 2004

Hi all.

It's been a while since I went through that code ... I have happily been
using b8 for a few years. I guess I should go through the code again as a

The one think I can remember, off hand, is that you can not have BOTH
abstract child, and abstractParent. Elements by nature are both child and
parent, and you can not have multiple inheritances....

One needs to be an interface. I chose the Parent - because there are fewer
Parent classes.

Anyway, I have a somewhat quiet weekend ahead of me so I will re-acquaint
myself with JDom Code nuances. (Also, my Java experience has doubled since I
submitted that patch ...).


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