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Phill_Perryman at Mitel.COM Phill_Perryman at Mitel.COM
Fri Feb 6 12:09:29 PST 2004

I did send a response to you request about changes but I did not see it
some back so goodness knows where I sent it.


I use the IBM websphere which is quite nice in that I can replace the JDOM
and then hit the rebuild all projects in one go and the net result was

I had to go through a lot of code as XMLOutputter has moved from
org.jdom.output and all my import statements were complaining.

The factory and currentElement variables in SAXhandler and SAXBuilder were
no longer visible but I did find getMethod so I replaced with that and
seems ok.

Personally I would like getParent(0 renamed as it clashes with
MutableTreeNode getparent and that is the only thing stopping me from
directly implementing MutabletreeNode in an extended Element and so
rendering JDom directly into a JTree, I have already implemented TableModel
in and extended Element in order to display tabular data from a JDom
element, typically where you have repeating children <users><user
id="a"/><user id="b"></users> can display a table of users without
re-formatting etc.

The biggest problem is with the deprecated methods in XMLOutputter in that
I don't know what the mapping is between the old XMLOutputter methods and
the new Format methods, the docs just say use Format, they don't give me
any idea as to what in Format might give me an equivalent file format to
what I have now. In cases where the output format is important, for
instance I store xml in Lotus Notes which has a 64K limit on text before a
new paragraph is required so I just  set newlines to true. Not exactly sure
what the same equivalent would be. Do I use the pretty format and remove
the indent or the compact, does that give me new lines. Admittedly as far
as the parser is concerned it does not make much difference but xml does
have to go through other hoops and be read by systems with their own
in-house (very basic) parsers (unless you have one written in LotusScript).

Otherwise very nice.

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