SV: [jdom-interest] Announcing JDOM b10-rc1

Jason Hunter jhunter at
Sun Feb 15 10:20:37 PST 2004

Per Norrman wrote:

> I think this is my point: Stick with the initial vision, follow through
> with the 
> consequences. You are never going to achieve the perfect API**. Skip
> Parent/Child!

Unless you can show how Parent/Child is seriously damaging, I'm inclined 
to leave it because I'm serious about finishing 1.0 on time -- no more 
distractions in the quest for the perfect API -- and to rip it out would 
take a day's worth of effort and another debugging cycle.

> Two other issues, perhaps on a smaller scale:
> *) Did you consider the change I proposed to XMLOutputter?
> om-interest

Yeah, we're trying not to expose too many protected methods that we'll 
have to keep around in the future.  printNamespace() is an internal 
method that shouldn't be counted on remaining over the long haul.  Since 
you can do your subclassing and just copy/paste the method code (god 
bless open source) I think that's a better solution.  Less elegant 
today, more elegant long term.

> *) Why can't I *get* the current Format from XMLOutputter?



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