[jdom-interest] How to create JDOM from SAX events

Michael Lipp michael.lipp at danet.de
Tue Feb 17 02:19:29 PST 2004


I have a SAX event stream and want to convert this to JDOM. The 
SAXBuilder seems to accept anything except (interestingly) SAXEvents.

How should I solve the problem? I see a way to derive a new class from 
SAXBuilder that creates the ContentHandler and returns it so that I can 
send my SAX events to it. But there must be a simpler way than deriving 
a new class, mustn't it?

Or I can create a TransformerHandler (JAXP) with SAX as source and a 
JDOMResult. It is just that I am always a bit hesitant to use an 
"identity transformer" as I am never sure about the performance...



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