[jdom-interest] Feature Request

Jason Hunter jhunter at xquery.com
Thu Feb 19 16:27:55 PST 2004

Sounds like nekohtml is being a Bad Citizen, but I think you can do 
exactly what you want by subclassing SAXBuilder and overriding 


Jeremy.Prellwitz at siras.com wrote:

> Hello,
>   I've recently used the SAXBuilder class for parsing some XML documents to
> do in memory document comparisons.  We use JDOM elsewhere, but in an
> application that i've just worked on, i've combined the jdom.jar in the
> same webapp as the nekohtml.jar and nekohtmlXni.jar files.  The problem is
> that the nekohtmlXni.jar file overrides the standard parser configuration
> of Xerces parsers.  It then uses a special HTML specific parser
> configuration which causes problems.
> I need to parse XML documents as well as HTML documents in the webapp i'm
> working on, and i need to be able to have jdom and nekohtml play nice
> together.  I'm able to get override the new HTML configuration by setting a
> system parameter at runtime, but i think it would be a cleaner solution if
> i could create a Xerces parser, passing it the configuration class it uses,
> and then pass the SAXBulider class the instance of the parser i'd created
> for it, rather than relying on the creation of a parser who's settings may
> get overridden by other Jar files.
> Anybody have any comments?  Would it be possible to have a new SABuilder
> constructor that accepts a Xerces parser instance?
> Thanks
> Jeremy Prellwitz
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> jeremy.prellwitz at siras.com
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