[jdom-interest] Feature Request

Chris B. chris at tech.com.au
Thu Feb 19 16:40:20 PST 2004

Nekohtml has some information on making it play nice with other parsers.

I'm not an expert on the internals of sax etc, but wouldn't the Right 
Thing (tm) for have been for NekoHtml to have provided an XMLReader 
implementation, which could then be plugged into JDOM?

Jeremy.Prellwitz at siras.com wrote:

>  I've recently used the SAXBuilder class for parsing some XML documents to
>do in memory document comparisons.  We use JDOM elsewhere, but in an
>application that i've just worked on, i've combined the jdom.jar in the
>same webapp as the nekohtml.jar and nekohtmlXni.jar files.  The problem is
>that the nekohtmlXni.jar file overrides the standard parser configuration
>of Xerces parsers.  It then uses a special HTML specific parser
>configuration which causes problems.
>I need to parse XML documents as well as HTML documents in the webapp i'm
>working on, and i need to be able to have jdom and nekohtml play nice
>together.  I'm able to get override the new HTML configuration by setting a
>system parameter at runtime, but i think it would be a cleaner solution if
>i could create a Xerces parser, passing it the configuration class it uses,
>and then pass the SAXBulider class the instance of the parser i'd created
>for it, rather than relying on the creation of a parser who's settings may
>get overridden by other Jar files.
>Anybody have any comments?  Would it be possible to have a new SABuilder
>constructor that accepts a Xerces parser instance?
>Jeremy Prellwitz
>Senior Java Developer
>jeremy.prellwitz at siras.com
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