[jdom-interest] org.jdom.IllegalAddException: The attribute already has an existi ng parent "transaction"

Pandia, Rajesh rajesh.pandia at matrixone.com
Mon Feb 23 13:03:13 PST 2004

We have an application that was using  JDOM Beta4/Beta5 version.  Now, we
have moved on to JDOM Beta8/Beta9 version.  How do I know what JDOM version
is installed on my machine by just looking at the JAR files ? What do I need
to do fix this exception ?

I am seeing the following exception:

**********Error Trace::Version Feb 23 15:53:59 2004 (
:59.155 GMT  t at 616 )
  #0  Error #1600039  XML sent from servlet read.
org.jdom.IllegalAddException: The attribute already has an existing parent



Here is the code-snippet where the exception is being thrown:

      // get the settings required to load the xml dropped by servlet
      IntegrationGlobalConfigObject gco = new
      getAttribute(context, gco, IntegrationGlobalConfigObject.IN_RIP_MODE);
      getAttribute(context, gco,

      codeRegn = "GCO read.";

      // load the xml
      Element elCommandRoot = loadXMLSentFromServlet(gco, args[0], context);

      codeRegn = "XML sent from servlet read.";

      // prepare preliminary response header
      // create the response placeholder
      Element elResponseRoot = new Element("transaction");
      // copy/modify attributes from request

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