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MeddelandeI was sort of hoping that there would be more 'integrated' approach that did not require manipulating the XML as a string, such as being able to pass a list of namespaces to the Document constructor, or build an element from an xml fragment, but the approach described here is what I am now using.
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  Commonly fragments have multiple "top-level" nodes, which may mean that you also need to wrap them all in a "fake" container element to make the document parsable (unless JDOM has a document fragment parser - which I don't recall seeing and can't find).

  Handling this is similar to what Per said, but you need detach all the content from this "fake" root element and add it into the target document and the required point(s).

  Phil :n)

  On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 12:39, Per Norrman wrote: 
    For each fragment, build a valid XML string (with namespace declarations), parse it, detach the 
    single child of the root element and insert it in the target document.
    Or did I miss anything?
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    Ämne: [jdom-interest] Building documents from XML fragments

      I am wondering what is the suggested way of building an XML document from fragments of XML.
      The xml is returned from a remote server in response to an XPath query - in particular there is
      a problem because the server does not return the namespace prefix declarations in the fragment,
      which means the document builder throws an exception
      Exception - org.jdom.JDOMException: Error on line 1: The prefix "erm" for element "erm:loco" is not bound.
      I would like to take the XML string and incorporate or merge the fragment into an XML document
      in memory, and/or create a new one from it.
      I have access to the XML namespace bindings, but I cannot see how I can tell JDom about these
      without creating a skeleton document - and then I cannot see how I can 'import' the remaining
      fragment into the document.

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