[jdom-interest] code sample for the XMLOutputter question.

Ing. Terenzio Berni tberni at dianoema.it
Fri Jan 16 09:27:11 PST 2004

1) I have configured the SAXBuilder with this instructions:

SAXBuilder saxBuilder = new SAXBuilder(true);
emaLocation","urn:hl7-org:v2xml file:///C:/xsd/messages.xsd");

2) I validate the xml and create a Document this way:

InputStream inputstream = new FileInputStream("C:/test_files/ADT_A01.xml");
Document document = saxBuilder.build(inputstream);

3) and I output the file like this:

XMLOutputter output = new XMLOutputter("    ");
output.output(cloneddocument, new

but I don't know how to strip out all the datas gathered during the
validation from the XSD. I've searched some Xerces properties but I didn't
find anything that worked...

Regard, Terenzio

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