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Jeremy Whitlock jwhitlock at starprecision.com
Tue Jan 20 08:32:50 PST 2004

	Want to know how I fixed it?  I used all the same code BUT I
added outputter.setTextNormalize(true); before outputting and it fixed
everything.  :)  Laters, Jeremy

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Didn't someone suggest replacing 

  XMLOutputter outputter = new XMLOutputter("  ", true);

with just new XMLOutputter() or something similar?  Your source
still has the former.

ian at digimem.net

> jwhitlock at starprecision.com (Jeremy Whitlock) wrote 
> Elliotte,
> 	I agree that something is up but no matter what text editor I
> open it with, the extra lines are there.  Here are some links of
> interest with my XML before and after and the source that is reading
> in and then directly saving it out:
> http://www.hellaweb.com/hellabot/286
> http://www.hellaweb.com/hellabot/287
> http://www.hellaweb.com/hellabot/288
> I also have a picture of what an XML Editor sees when I load the saved
> XML into it:
> I have tried many different approaches but to no avail.  Take a look
> the links and let me know what route to go next.  Thanks, Jeremy
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> I suspect you have a line ending issue here involving the difference 
> between linefeeds, and carriage return linefeed pairs or some such. 
> Can you look at the output byte-by-byte? That is, do not translate it 
> into text.  When you say you have two line endings, how are they 
> actually represented?
> This may well be a case where the texxt editor or other tool you're 
> using to view the output is misinforming about what's really there.
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