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Thu Jan 22 05:34:27 PST 2004


Visual J++ is a *dead* product that uses Microsofts version of Java 1.1.
The Collection classes (of which java.util.List is one) was introduced
in Java 1.2. Your best bet is to upgrade your development environment:
Eclipse ( is a very good IDE, and free!


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This problem has been mentioned a few time, but i didn't find an answer
that could help me. I get the following error message
when compiling the class with the method mentioned below.

- cannot find definition for class 'java.util.List'

The solutions i heard sofar had something to do with java 1.1 versus
java 2.
As far as i know i'm using JDK 1.4 to compile the JDOM package. And i
use Visual J++ for my programm compiling.

Doe anyone know how to solve this?

import java.util.*

private void listElements(Element e) 
  System.out.println("*Element, name:" + e.getName() + 
   ", text:" + e.getText()) ;

  //List all attributes
  List as = e.getAttributes();
  for (Iterator i = as.iterator();i.hasNext();) 
   Attribute a = (Attribute);
   System.out.println("*Attribute, name:" + a.getName() + 
    ", value:" + a.getValue()) ;
  //List all children
  List c = e.getChildren();
  for (Iterator i = c.iterator();i.hasNext();) 
   Element n = (Element);

Thanks, Joachim Albers.

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