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Phill_Perryman at Mitel.COM Phill_Perryman at Mitel.COM
Fri Jan 23 06:31:54 PST 2004

I had the following from one of my extended element (Elementx) classes, 
you can replace this with the root note for the tree

         * Returns a DefaultMutableTreeNode for use in a JTree which
         * represents the element
         * @return DefaultMutableTreeNode
        public DefaultMutableTreeNode getTreeNode() {
                DefaultMutableTreeNode treeNode = new DefaultMutableTreeNode(this);
                addChildren(treeNode, this);
                return treeNode;

         * Internal function to support get tree node
        private static void addChildren(DefaultMutableTreeNode tn,Elementx element) {
                DefaultMutableTreeNode node;
                List children = element.getChildren();
                Iterator it = children.iterator();
                while (it.hasNext()) {
                        Elementx child = (Elementx) it.next();
                        node = new DefaultMutableTreeNode(child);
                        addChildren(node, child);

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I want to list an XML file into  a JTree, so that it has the same 
as the original document. The code now does
only list all elements in one row, but no nesting. Does anyone know how i
can get the elements to be outputted with the same
nesting as in the XML file?

Grtz, Joachim.

private static void listElements(Element e)
  int depth = 0;
  DefaultMutableTreeNode newelements = null;
  DefaultMutableTreeNode newchildren = null;
  System.out.println("*Element, name:" + e.getName() +
   ", text:" + e.getText()) ;
  newelements = new DefaultMutableTreeNode(e.getName());
  if(e.getText() != "")
   newchildren = new DefaultMutableTreeNode(e.getText());

  //List all attributes
  List as = e.getAttributes();
  for (Iterator i = as.iterator();i.hasNext();)
   Attribute a = (Attribute)i.next();
   System.out.println("*Attribute, name:" + a.getName() +
    ", value:" + a.getValue()) ;

  //List all children
  List c = e.getChildren();

  for (Iterator i = c.iterator();i.hasNext();)
   System.out.println("depth = "+depth);
   Element n = (Element)i.next();

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