[jdom-interest] Schema Validation of Documents containing MultiRefs?!

Mariano.Kamp at arcor.net Mariano.Kamp at arcor.net
Wed Mar 3 01:31:35 PST 2004


  I am wondering how to validate a SOAP message with multirefs, i.e. mit the
values referenced by "href", against a Schema with JDOM?

  When I try that I get an Exception saying that "href" is not defined in the
Schema, which is true.

  Is there any way to tell JDOM or the parser to resolve the hrefs first?

  The reason I am asking is, that I am not really in control if the xml I get is
using multirefs.

ps. Is this the right list?
pps. Are there also **searchable** archives of this list?

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