[jdom-interest] Strange Element.addContent(index,Content) problem

Kai Woerner kai.woerner at uni-hamburg.de
Mon Mar 22 02:38:17 PST 2004

I'm experiencing a very odd problem with 
Element.addContent(index,Content). This is an altered snipplet from the 
code I have:

elmt.addContent(440, newComm);
System.out.println("@inserted at:"+elmt.getChildren().indexOf(newComm));

(elmt being a legal element in a jdom-tree, newComm being a new Element)

- this would output "inserted  at: 220".

Of course the code is a bit longer and more complicated, but these two 
lines are exactly like in my code and the result is alwayy the same:
elmt.addContent(200, newComm) would result in 100.

Anybody having experienced something like that?


Kai Wörner

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