[jdom-interest] getting xpath of modified jtree-view

Daniel Purucker dpu at daniel-purucker.de
Wed Mar 24 10:56:02 PST 2004

Hello everybody,

i've got some design-problems using jdom, the jtreeoutputter and xpath:
I'm using a modified jtreeoutputter to show an xml-file in a  
jtree-component. I had to modify the outputter, because the xml-file  
looks like this:

part of the xml-file:

     <void property="nachsteuer">
      <void property="ausserordentlicheAufwendungenUndErtraege">
       <void property="ausserordentlicheErtraege">
        <void index="0">

..a lot more of this stuff...

           <void property="anschaffungsperiode">
           <void property="anschaffungswert">

..and so on: So i can't just show the tags in the jtree-view, because  
the user would just see a lot of void and obejct. - So i had written  
code, to show either the property-value, or the string, or the data,  
which is relevant, and just ignoring the void and obejct-stuff. The  
jtree now looks like this:

|__ ausserordentlicheAufwendungenUndErtraege
         |___ ausserordentlicheErtraege
                   |___ Periode 0:
                             |____ 2200000

|_ anschaffungsperiode
      |___ 1
      |___ 2150000

Now my proble is: i'd like to show the children of a specific node (the  
one the user clicked) inside of a table. And - i think - for this task  
i need the xpath-expression of the selected node - or to be more  
precise - of the underlying jdom-model. Now the quetion is: How do i  
get that xpath?

The only solution i could think about is to store the corrisponding  
xpath of every jtree-node inside of an array (i'd have to do this while  
transforming the tree in my jtreeoutputter. Is this the only solution,  
is there a better (perhaps faster - i think my solution would take a  
lot of power) one? We would be pleased to receive some hints,  
information and tips.

Thanx in advance,

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