[jdom-interest] XML escaping and unescaping

d.wall at computer.org d.wall at computer.org
Fri Nov 19 16:10:18 PST 2004

Thanks.  I'll take a look at your escapers and compare.  It's a bit 
amazing that such functionality isn't just part of the standard class 
libraries by now.

As for coming back in, an XML parser won't decode a string for you, will 
it?  I mean, if my XML looks like:

 <field>This &quot;is&quot; a test.</field>

I would expect that getting the data->field text value would return:
      This &quot;is&quot; a test.

Are you saying some XML parsers will return instead:
      This "is" a test.

My impression is that such an encoded element would return the String 
still encoded.


Jason Hunter wrote:

> XMLOutputter has escapeElementEntities() and escapeAttributeEntities() 
> that do what you want and have a pluggaable EscapeStrategy to handle 
> characters outside the selected output encoding.  We don't have code 
> to do the reverse as we rely on XML parsers for that.
> -jh-
> d.wall at computer.org wrote:
>> Does JDOM come with any utility routines that will take a String and 
>> make it XML safe?  And also a routine that takes an XML safe encoding 
>> and converts it back to a regular String?
>> i.e.
>> String -> XML Safe string -> String
>> "This" -> "This"  -> "This"  (no change needed)
>> "4+3<4+4" -> "4+3&lt;4+4" -> "4+3<4+4"
>> I only ask because I have some basic routines that do this, but they 
>> only map the following:
>>  >   &gt;
>> <   &lt;
>> &   &amp;
>> '     &apos;
>> "    &quot;
>> It currently doesn't deal with escaped character codes like &#039; It 
>> seems that putting data into XML and getting it back from XML is so 
>> common that there must be a general routine to do this rather than 
>> having to rely on my own implementation.
>> Thanks,
>> David
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