[jdom-interest] following J2SE 5

Filippo Carone f.carone at fastwebnet.it
Sat Nov 27 03:27:18 PST 2004

* Filippo Carone (f.carone at fastwebnet.it) ha scritto:
> * Filippo Carone (f.carone at fastwebnet.it) ha scritto:
> >  Here is a new patch for the jdom 1.0 stable tree, using
>  I forgot to say in the previous mail that there's also an svn
> repository where to checkout the experimental code.
>  To get the copy, just issue:
> svn co https://svn.icode.it/repos/jdom_J2SE5

 Ok, let's go on with the monopoly I have on this thread :)

 If you checkout from the svn repository above the latest revision,
 jdom_j2se5 will compile in this way:

~jdom_J2SE5% ant -Dcompile.optimize="-source 1.5 "

 Next step is checking the code functionality.


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