[jdom-interest] Some Problems using JDOM inside of ContenHandler based Pipelines

Horst.Gaussmann at partner.commerzbank.com Horst.Gaussmann at partner.commerzbank.com
Wed Oct 6 00:48:11 PDT 2004


i'am using the jdom implementation excessive iside of orbeon's presentation
server and in this environment some problems poped up. 

1.) I cannot use the SAXOutputter's outputFragment() Method's because there
is now posibility (public method) 
    to set a JDOMLocater. Without that i got NullPointerExceptions. So there
should be a handling for this Problem.
2.) If i send some whitespaces before the root node to the SAXHandler i get
an exception (something with namespaces). But i think that documents 
    --------- snip ---------
    <?xml version="1.0">
    --------- snap ---------      
   should be parsed.

3.) Sometimes the SAXOutputter sends prefixMappings with null values. So
other SAXHandler (not JDOM) could not work together with SAXOuttputter.

Hope this are some stimulations to increase the quality of jdom.

Regards yaris


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