[jdom-interest] adding EntityRef to Document throws Exception

Quinten Verheyen q.verheyen at ringring.be
Thu Sep 9 07:32:50 PDT 2004

I wonder how one adds an entity to a document type, I want something like this :
<!DOCTYPE blabla SYSTEM "first.DTD" [<!ENTITY % extension SYSTEM "second.dtd"> %extension; ]>
I didn't find any method in DocType who could do the job, so I assumed Document.addContent(Content content) (the class EntityRef extends Content) would be the thing to use :
Document doc = new Document(documentRoot);
DocType docType = new DocType( elementName, systemID ); 
EntityRef entityRef = new EntityRef( elementName, systemID );
doc.addContent(entityRef ); // throws exception
but it didn't work, I got : "An EntityRef is not allowed at the document root".
So .. how do I accomplish this ? (I hope this isn't a stupid question)
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