[jdom-interest] JDOM for c#

Uday Subbarayan uday.s at comcast.net
Wed Jan 19 17:05:47 PST 2005

     If I remember correctly ,when Jason announced JDOM to the world 
back in 2000 in Mountain View JUG , he said "The design goal of JDOM is 
specifically targetted for Java platform" and that'z why there is a J in 
it...I am not sure whether this is an worth attempt to think of porting 
to C#.

But, hey, that was 2000 and now we are in 2005.

my 2c,

Paul Reeves wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone attempted to port JDOM to c# - I know c# has its own xml 
> api but JDOM is far superior and would make java conversions far less 
> painful. Its something i'd be prepared to have a stab at doing, but I 
> would like everyones opinion on this, as it could just be a ridiculous 
> idea.
> Regards
> Paul
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