[jdom-interest] Escaping ampersand left in output from XMLOutputter

Bill Woodward wpwood at saifa.net
Sun Jan 23 15:39:40 PST 2005

Scott Yeadon wrote:
> Hi,
> When writing out a file using the XMLOutputter, character entities are 
> left escaped. Is this behaviour intentional? I would have thought this 
> would only be required for internal processing and the ampersand entity, 
> when affixed to a character entity, should be de-escaped when output. 
> For example, I currently get 两 in my output instead of 
> 两 which browsers do not understand. Is there a way of turning 
> this behaviour off, or does anyone know the appropriate way to handle 
> this in JDOM (I'd rather not do a post-process!)?

Take a look at the FAQ (http://www.jdom.org/docs/faq.html#a0290), and 
particularly the one entitled "Why does setText(" ") not do what I 
want?"  I assume that this is what you're running into.

- Bill Woodward

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