Package org.jdom.input

Classes to build JDOM documents from various sources.


Class Summary
BuilderErrorHandler The standard JDOM error handler implementation.
DOMBuilder Builds a JDOM org.jdom.Document from a pre-existing DOM org.w3c.dom.Document.
SAXBuilder Builds a JDOM document from files, streams, readers, URLs, or a SAX InputSource instance using a SAX parser.
SAXHandler A support class for SAXBuilder.

Exception Summary
JDOMParseException Thrown during parse errors, with information about where the parse error occurred as well as access to the partially built document.

Package org.jdom.input Description

Classes to build JDOM documents from various sources. The most common builder class is SAXBuilder which constructs a JDOM document using a SAX parser and can pull content from files, streams, sockets, readers, and so on. It can use any underlying SAX parser to handle the parsing chores. SAXHandler provides support for SAXBuilder. DOMBuilder lets you build from a pre-existing DOM tree.


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