Package org.jdom2.xpath

Support for XPath from within JDOM.


Interface Summary
XPathDiagnostic<T> Class representing the results of an XPath query allowing JDOM users to trace whether an item returned from an XPath query is subsequently filtered by the coercion filter attached to the XPathExpression;
XPathExpression<T> XPathExpression is a representation of a compiled XPath query and any Namespace or variable references the query may require.

Class Summary
XPath Deprecated. Use XPathFactory/XPathExpression/XPathBuilder instead.
XPathBuilder<T> A helper class for creating XPathExpression instances without having to manage your own Namespace and Variable contexts.
XPathFactory XPathFactory allows JDOM users to configure which XPath implementation to use when evaluating XPath expressions.
XPathHelper Provides a set of utility methods to generate XPath expressions to select a given node in a document.

Package org.jdom2.xpath Description

Support for XPath from within JDOM. XPath provides a common interface with a pluggable back-end. The default back end is Jaxen.

The JDOM 1.x API uses the XPath class as the entire API interface. This has been deprecated, and replaced with XPathFactory, XPathCompiled, and XPathBuilder.

Please see the web page for the details on the JDOM2 XPath API change.

The XPathHelper class provides static methods to create XPath queries that identify specific JDOM nodes.


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