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A project like this can only be as good as its users are. The lists below offer a means for you to get involved, share your experiences, and shape the project. Feel free to join any or all of the lists, contribute, lurk, watch, learn, and have a good time getting your hands dirty.

Please: If you have a question, please remember to read the FAQ and search the archives to see if you can answer it on your own before posting.

The JDOMTM Announcement List
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This list is for official announcements only. Subscribe if you don't want to observe JDOM development but do want to stay informed of the status and direction of the project, events where JDOM will be a subject of a session or tutorial, and other general announcements. This list is moderated and only JDOM leaders can post.

The JDOM Interest List
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This list is for both current and potential users. Issues related to functionality, usability, and direction of the project take place here. This is your entry point for getting involved.
The JDOM Commits List
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This list receives auto-generated postings of all code changes to the JDOM source tree. All committers subscribe to this list, and interested users are encouraged to subscribe as well, perhaps in digest mode. Please do not post discussion to this list.
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Announces new releases and milestones.