[jdom-announce] Announcing the new jdom-commits list

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Jul 13 23:50:50 PDT 2000

We have now created a new mailing list "jdom-commits" which will receive
automated postings of all code changes to the JDOM source tree, and
archive them as well.  Interested users are encouraged to subscribe. 
Digest mode for single daily emails is available for people who don't
need instant notifications -- it's a toggle available on the sign up
page.  The reply-to address on the posts will be jdom-interest so debate
on controversial commits will occur on the public list.

Sign-up is on http://jdom.org/involved/lists.html

There's some admin work to be done before the postings and archiving are
automated, but you can subscribe right now.


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