[jdom-interest] Re: Out of date JAR files in %JDOM_HOME%\lib directory

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Fri Oct 26 17:33:15 PDT 2001

"Sean C. Sullivan" wrote:
> One more question:
> What version of crimson.jar does JDOM use?
>   jdom\lib\crimson.jar   (size:  187,162)
> I just checked http://xml.apache.org/crimson/index.html
> The current release of Crimson is version 1.1.3
> In Crimson version 1.1.3, the crimson.jar file size is 206,384

It's the version that came with JAXP 1.1.  It was shipped by Sun, not
Apache, and the version number was a little unclear when we tried to
determine it.

> Does the JDOM team plan to update crimson.jar?

Personally, my first priority on JDOM is to figure out how to handle the
remaining TODO items.  It'd be great if someone could volunteer to
qualify the new versions of the various JARs.  That person would need to
try them on their system, ensure the jdom-test cases pass, and after the
update work with people on the list to solve problems as they arise. 
Sean, how do you feel about being the JDOM lib update man?


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