[jdom-interest] Re: Out of date JAR files in %JDOM_HOME%\lib directory

Laurent Bihanic laurent.bihanic at atosorigin.com
Mon Oct 29 00:47:46 PST 2001

Jason Hunter wrote:

> Personally, my first priority on JDOM is to figure out how to handle the
> remaining TODO items.  It'd be great if someone could volunteer to
> qualify the new versions of the various JARs.  That person would need to
> try them on their system, ensure the jdom-test cases pass, and after the
> update work with people on the list to solve problems as they arise. 
> Sean, how do you feel about being the JDOM lib update man?

I've been using Crimson 1.1.3 with the latest JDOM for the past 2 weeks and 
found no regression so far.
This version of Crimson fixed a major bug that prevented using the '%' 
character in the XML content of a document that has an embedded doctype 
declaring entities. A real issue for people generating HTML from XSL.


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