[jdom-interest] java.lang.IllegalAccessError

Andres March Andres at ehealthcontracts.com
Mon Jun 3 16:18:04 PDT 2002

With WebSphere the classloader is weird.  Most likely JDOM is getting loaded with a different classloader than your application.  This could be because you are putting jdom.jar in the AppServer/lib directory.  You should put all application specific jar in the lib directory in the .war file.  This is under WEB-INF.  I had this problem myself but I think it is more secure this way.  Using this application-specific lib directory is extremely important when using classes that websphere already has in its classpath, i.e. xerces.jar, etc...

Good luck.

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In Java, any class in the same package can access a protected method. So
this call should be perfectly legit. No idea why it would complain. I assume
this is IBM's VM that it's running on - it's not a pre-release version or
anything is it?


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> Hello,
> I'm using JDOM beta 8 in combination with WebSphere 4.0.3 and I get an
> java.lang.IllegalAccessError when I call the Document
> constructor with an
> element as the argument.
> When I look at the source this error this seems logical because the
> setDocument method of the Element class is protected. So this method
> should only be accessible by subclasses of Element and not by the
> ContenList class.
> The stack trace:
> Original Exception:
> Error Message: org.jdom.ContentList tried to access method
> org/jdom/Element.setDocument(Lorg/jdom/Document;)Lorg/jdom/Ele
> ment;Error Code: 500
> Target Servlet: null
> Error Stack:
> java.lang.IllegalAccessError: org.jdom.ContentList tried to
> access method
> org/jdom/Element.setDocument(Lorg/jdom/Document;)Lorg/jdom/Ele
> ment;     at org.jdom.ContentList.add(ContentList.java:221)
>      at org.jdom.ContentList.add(ContentList.java:146)
>      at java.util.AbstractList.add(AbstractList.java:101)
>      at org.jdom.Document.setRootElement(Document.java:212)
>      at org.jdom.Document.<init>(Document.java:116)
>      at org.jdom.Document.<init>(Document.java:131)
> Has anybody experienced this problem before and should the setDocument
> method not be friendly instead of protected ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jan.
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