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If you use wordpad and save as a text document (not unicode text) then you 
don't get the 3 bytes added. A quick look with HexEdit shows what is 
actually in the file.

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M.Novosselov wrote:
> I got a few surprises while testing my program. I wrote test XML file in 

> notepad and saved it using UTF-8 encoding. To my surprise I got a 
> parsing exception thrown by SAXBuilder:
> root-element is missing. When I saved same file using other encodings - 
> everything worked fine (btw file with UTF-8 encoding had size 3 bytes 
> bigger than others).

When requested to saved in Unicode format (UTF-8 or 16), Notepad adds a 2, 
or 4-byte long "Byte Order Mark" (BOM) header to the file data (for more 
information: http://www.unicode.org/faq/utf_bom.html)
Some parsers handle this header correctly (Xerces) some don't (Crimson).

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