[jdom-interest] Convoluted Document Construction on b10

Stefano Santoro Stefano.Santoro at nokia.com
Thu Apr 1 11:06:03 PST 2004


thank you for explaining it. We are now shipping an MMS Storage
solution to cell providers like Cingular that is heavily based
on XML technologies (Oracle XML/DB, Style Sheets) JDOM plays
a central role in this solution for being one of the quickest ways
to build documents. Which JVM we ship this product on?

   Sun JDK 1.3.1_08
We may consider going to the 1.4+ series for the next major 

So you can understand that when you say that you are preparing for 1.5
covariant return type feature, it means for us that jdom at b10+ will
be unusable for at least another three years.

May I suggest that you extend the Parent interface with the
following method?

Content asContent()


On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 19:21, ext Jason Hunter wrote:
> It's well understood.  The reason is that Java doesn't have covariant 
> return types so the new Parent interface's addContent() methods returns 
> Parent and the Element implementation can't return the more specific 
> type of Element.  You can do it in J2SE 1.5.
> Options are: rip out the Parent interface, write an addContent(Parent) 
> method as a nasty hack, keep it this way and have a J2SE 1.5 version.
> -jh-

Stefano Santoro <Stefano.Santoro at nokia.com>
Java Platform, Messaging Architect

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