[jdom-interest] SAXOutputter

Chris B. chris at tech.com.au
Tue Apr 20 02:58:17 PDT 2004

Laurent Bihanic wrote:

> Any constructive remark about the patch proposal itself ? OK, proposed 
> inheritance model not suitable, too much visility of internals, etc.?

Well, the array output should be implemented in terms of the Element 
output, not the other way around.

But as I've said, I think it is insane not to have a sensible method for 
outputting fragments. I can't see what is so offensive in having an 
outputFragment() method or something. Then the output() method could be 
implemented using outputFragment.

> Laurent
> Chris B. wrote:
>> Bradley S. Huffman wrote:
>>> "A change in algorithm will *alway*
>>> produce better performance then any tricks in code."
>> A change in algorithm like removing the need for an XMLFilter perhaps?
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